Please let me know the price and mileage for Royal Enfield classic 350 cc bike . -Amar Answer: The price for Royal Enfield 350cc standard is 95,000(approx, ex-showroom). You will getMileage- 40 kmpl    I have a 1997 model bullet 350 in Bangalore (India). I am looking to have a G2 crank assembly to be […]


We are back! After long months of inactivity we are relaunching our blog with a new look and better content. Here is a look at what is In-store for all Royal Enfield Fanatics in the new and improved version of Royal Enfield Guru. 1) Multi-Author Blogging We are inviting all RE riders to come and […]


Bullet 500 was introduced by Royal Enfield in 1990 after changing few characteristics of the Bullet 350 cc engine.  The crack case was more or less the same except minor changes in diameter of the cylinder seating area.  The crankshaft of the Bullet 500 motorcycle was a little bit heavier than 350cc engine.The cylinder bore […]


Back in the year of 2007, Yogesh Seth, a software guy and motorcycle enthusiast, walked into a Royal Enfield motorcycle showroom in Hyderabad to test out motorcycles. “Those days Royal Enfield dealers offered motorcycles without any charges for one to three days for experiencing the ride even if you were not interested in purchasing the […]


On 29th January, 1971 four juvenile men from the Tata city decided to go on world tour on their Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle and effectively finished the exciting trip.  While came back from the trip they went to Royal Enfield plant at Chennai to celebrate the juncture. The name of these bikers are Mr  Manmohan […]


In this article we will discuss about the importance of Royal Enfield tools and their usage. General tools which are available in the market can be used in any kind of motorcycle, car and even in other application. These tools are meant for opening and fitting of certain parts in this particular motorcycle. If we […]


The Royal Enfield annual dealer meet, 2011 was held in Pattaya Thailand on 6 December 2011. Royal Enfield Dealers all over the India participated in this meet. Top Dealers of India were given awards by the company to recognize their performance.


Royal Enfield Maintenance Tips In this article we will discuss about specification other then engine of Royal Enfield Classic 500 like frame, electrical and suspension .Frame of this motorcycle is tubular type .The front suspension of Royal Enfield Classic 500 is telescopic, hydraulic damping type and for comfortable riding stroke is kept 130 mm. Shockers […]


Sydney which is located on south east cost of Tasman Sea is one of the most heavily populated cities in Australia and also known as capital of New South Wales.  For economic innovation Sydney comes at 7th   position in Asia Royal Enfield has Motociclo as a motorcycle dealer in Sydney. Dealer is located at 95-97  […]


After the launch of the Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle  in November 2009, the demand for the royal enfield classic has increased rapidly.  The rising demand for these bikes have caused a long waiting periods for the customers.  The oldest Indian motorcycle manufacturer has now launched two more variants of  tbe Classic called Classic Chrome and […]