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Motorcycling is not what it used to be earlier. Perhaps that’s why the resurgence of older brands motorcycle , like Royal Enfield, has been such a breath of fresh air to motorcycle purists around the world, including bike dealers who long for the days of BSA, Norton and Triumph.

Take Marshal  for example. As the proprietor of  Enfield care Services, Products & Accessories in Sunnyvale, Oregon, he is committed to customers who, like him, have a passion for motorcycling days gone by. What we’re trying to do here is retro motorcycles that are number one, affordable and number two, motorcycles that the owner has the opportunity to interact with the maintenance picture, he said. Unfortunately, in the 1980s, the market began to turn itself to what I call appliance motorcycles, bikes that you do nothing but ride. But motorcycles are essentially machines of passion. I prefer to relate to the market that wants the mechanical experience as well as the riding experience. That’s what retro bikes allow because they speak to the experience as owners. With these new Japanese bikes, you might as well turn your refrigerator on its side and call it a motorcycle. These companies are now merchandising to consumers. They don’t have a relationship with the rider. In essence the motorcyclist is denied the mechanical experience. I think there is a market segment that that is essential to. I recognize those people and they are the ones that we are catering to.” The owners of Royal Enfield Motorcycles are different from others.They have relationship with their motorcycles their dealers of course with manufacturer.They have passion to ride the motorcycle.

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