Guru On February - 5 - 2006

I along with my friend Jimmy decided to go to jaisalmer. We started at 5 o’clock. We reached jaipur at 11o’clock and rested. Again started at 2 o’clock in the evening from jaipur

We reached Ajmer on our Royal Enfield Thunderbird at 4.30 pm. Then we decided to visit the city of Ajmer. First we checked in a hotel and took our Royal Enfield motorcycle in the streets of Ajmer. After visiting the dargah of Ajmer sharif we went to the refreshing phuskar lake. We continued our journey and started at 8o’clock at night on our Thunderbird. It was very difficult to travel at night but we still managed to do so. Our journey was going well but then the petrol tank got empty. We forgot to fill up the tank

We then walked with our bike for 2 km. At last we found a petrol pump.The time then was 12 30 am. We then continued our journey and reached Jodhpur at 3 30 am. We were not tiered, as thunderbird is a very comfortable bike. We then rested till 6 am and continued our journey to reach our goal, which was jaisalmer. Then we reached jaisalmer at12 noon. we reached very quickly as thunderbird is a fantastic bike which can pick up a lot of speed. It also a very strong bike. We were happy as our goal was completed. Then after visiting the golden city of Jaisalmer we visited the desert and stayed in the camp for a night and returned back to Delhi. This was an unforgettable journey on Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

Ramesh Handoo.

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