Guru On February - 16 - 2008

Superb Enfield Diesel motorcycle and superb motor able roads, traditional villages and splendid landscape make the mountains of Hibachi Pradesh one of the best motorcycling destinations in the India. No Enfield Diesel motorcycle rider has really experienced the good look of Himachal Predesh until he or she has ride through the fabulous countryside of the snowy Mountains, the White Mountains.

The Mountains of Himachal Pradesh tours will tell you that why riders on Enfield Diesel motorcycle are so obsessive about this area. You’ll ride your Enfield Diesel on the roads that have made the place well-known but you’ll also be introduced to smaller known, thus far evenly superb, back roads through the gaps and traditional villages of Himachal Pradesh. Both the riding of Enfield Diesel and the views will continue in your remembrance for a long time. We’ll show you this area as only restricted motor cycle riders who be in love with it could do. During the spring, summer and fall, the climate in Himachal is superb for Enfield Diesel riding. On hot days, there will be various places where you can stop to swim in local lakes, streams, rivers or gorges with waterfalls.

I and my frield sumit really thankful for a such a amazing tour. We both actually enjoyed this trip and are looking forward to doing more with you in near future specially on Enfield Diesel Motorcycle. The motorcyclist group size was just right, the accommodations and the food was lovely. Something to really look forward to each evening, the mix of people just wonderful, the roads a great mix of demanding and purely enjoyable, and to top it all off, Sumit and I became perceptibly better riders … primarily by following you! We feel very lucky that our first experience with a touring company had so many amazing elements, and characteristic it to all your solid work, attention, preparation and wide-ranging local knowledge. Thanks for making it such a success.

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