Guru On September - 3 - 2007

As soon as the passengers began to pour inside, the festivenesses the post lunch with throwing began association after others opened from the beer cost counter. There stranger met as friends, and people, lost for a long time, which had met to the earlier passenger Manien, reunited themselves for in memories are issued the old memories. Denim, leathers, chains, Tätowierungen and motorcycles were seen and all over the scene heard. But it was not completely Machoallein; the more appropriate sex had its presence in addition the same iron machines of the different parts of the country to ride. Some conquered the area as passengers and others, who were connected inside for the fun.

The first case was the arm, which wrings competition. Under loads of the applause and the beers, friends arm themselves bulkheads in the pure fun competitive ability. Quite after the arm, the play, jumped completely into the journey moved 8s, which by a beer-drinking competition one followed, in that the cyclist, who drank, wrings the passengers, who would be maximum doses of the beer in 60 seconds of the winners. We had five finalists and up to then were everyone thus sloshed that the final rounds were shifted on on the next day. After the beer-drinking competition it was time for the audiovisual sieving and the representations by different associations over the travels and the masterpieces, which had completed it in the year past gone. After the AVs a very large fire was lit up and the party set into the small hours of the morning under loads of Lieden and of beers away. Everywhere you looked new friendships were seen to be forged.

A late beginning and wake up call for everyone. Breakfast communicate, which all cyclists were asked to start for the city in which and at one point 3 Kms assemble order again outside of the city delimitations. All pour organized, together with police permission out and to escort, were it time for the traditional passenger one IE travel with all cyclists 200+, who ride together by the city. The travel 9-Kilometer by the city left the citizens of gnaw pure spellbound and of awestruck. Many plastic cyclists wanted to burn their bicycles down and be set on a rifle bullet and a part of those 200 rifle bullet passengers straight to receive, who are plated in the black leather and in the Jeans, excellently after their iron horses of the chrome and the metal, which shine in the sun. This a travel really examined that each way for the rifle bullet forms. An interesting to notice thing was the reaction of all RM participant, those by the city rides and over its beauty – the ehrfürchtigen cyclist-friendly roads, the green, which absence accumulation on the roads even at point hours and the lack of pollution in air is surprised compared to other Metros.

After the city travel, everyone precedes back to the scene (star key point) and had one period of the lunch and relaxation. At the dawn the assembling wars of the bicycle began, where a crew of 4 members of each association as well as a bicycle had to take apart and to again assemble 5 parts of the machine in the fastest time. The price went to Inddiethumpers of Mumbai with moving desire from gnaw pure coming into second. After the assembling wars of the bicycle it was time for slow running, in which one became the last person the end line, without affecting or its machine clamp its feet from the reason, its winner crosses. Done in 3s, the 27 candidates were narrowed first down to 9 and then the locking 3.

It was time for the drinking final rounds of the beer after slow running. give everyone the of the five ists three dose and the the agreement be be, the the fast, to all the 3 drown, without a a drop bury. The winner Robin of the Gujarat rifle bullets was ironical… from a dry condition!

If the drinking final rounds of the beer come to an end, it time for the prices and the credit notes and voice of the thanks by the landlord association, moving desire lux, if Anukaran the stage zujubelt taking and the honours doing and also, for the moving desire lux of club members for its engaged and sleepless nights of the hard work and the determination were, in order to form for RM07 a success. Slow running winner, promoted best changed bicycle, who journey of of the attractive crew 8s given, which to bicycle-assemble wars crew winning, which beer guzzlers, which women, whoever were the passengers felicitated, the arm the prices, which became by royal Enfield, out champions and the Varun spirit of the life price wringing, to which youngest participant to the Mitfahrermanie each year one gives, which did some outstanding travels in the last year.

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