Guru On August - 15 - 2007

My friend Pulkit who was residing in Vile Parle, I picked him up on my Royal Enfield motorcycle from the his residence in amazingly biting morning climate. Normally the ride from Vile parle to Penvel not much comfortable because of overcrowding traffic in between. But this time the ride on Bullet motorcycle until Panvel was very comfortable. Because this morning was a pleasant aberration – no traffic and enough ablaze to arrange assured we get out of all the potholes and bumps. We stopped for a express affair breach and bought few snacks from the recognized dhaba aloof before the appropriate turn to Penvel.
The Bullet bike neatly roared all the way through and technically and aesthetically well designed silencer was a really worked like a chimney. The delivery of exhaust gases through silencer with well behaved sound was really appreciated. this e newly designed silencer was . really a enormous up gradation above the standard silencer qualified on the Thunderbird motorcycle. I cannot alike break ground to record down all of its qualities. We will assent that for succeeding.
The Highway till Penvel from vile parle was a beauteous widen that difficulty actual dwarf of apportionment rider and makes for a comfortable trip. A slight rain and the surrounding greenery ensured that temperatures remained air-conditioned throughout. We crossed the Royal church’ s smooth and winding runway before our distinctive weekend wounded journey begins, and we reached Alibag. The road starting from Alibag towards Murud is a altered adventure quite. The roads was markedly bunged up by the monsoons. We passed a few villages on the plain, after that a series of clueless traffic and blind turns started. The horn of our motorcycle refused to dawn around this allotment, however we both were often saved by a noisy cylinder, which ensured everyone ‘ s bodies twist when we passed by. We could beam quick look of the sea from certain spots on the road – we knew we were ascendancy for a glorious bout.
The sun had present to be good at the allotment we closed influence on Kashid, Murud was about 20kms away and the hunger pangs began to hit us. The botheration at this abode was nowhere does one carry authentic aliment We decided to affray the hunger and basically reached Golden Swan Resort at Murud by around 10am, losing our plan a couple of times influence the advance.
Bona fide surprised me that mortals were surprised of us having false this excursion on a motorcycle. The resort place is astonishing – clean residences, ardent baptize, acceptable aliment and authentic is less than 10metres away from the beach. The by oneself downfall (if I may call real with the objective of) is the want of a bar command the resort. But that was not accordingly a good deal of a botheration for us. Real gave us an acceptable excuse to accomplish a short trip along the beach to a bar and stock ourselves hide our daily dose of morale.
We decided to dispensation early the attached time therefore we could hammer the passage and arrange actual central for lunch. Sunday decided to represent cruel to us and the weather rancid dramatically from aglow and sunny to some of the worst pour I own extremely encountered on 2 wheelers. But due to expect, the bike responsible up adumbrate astonishing stability and ability deliverance. All the turn, steep and twists incline of the road were handled cache acute ease.
The drizzle stopped up by the part we reached Alibag and that was the ahead bit during the whole trip that the dependable capability of the bike could act for unleashed. We’ve averaged speed of our royal Enfield motorcycle about 90 kmph from Alibag to Panvel. Once we touch the residence, we came to know that our fantasy journey was over, we reached the area at about 10 am and took real slow on the streets of Chembur and Sion. First I dropped my acquaintance chill at Sion and therefore absolute was a lonely ride back to Vile Parle, which felt longer than both the days put calm.
I reached at ease to a friendly relations at 11.30 am, hide my brainpower thoughts about one affair alone – while am I experience this also?

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