Guru On August - 27 - 2007

Each and every member of our motorcycle trip was waiting for this day. All of us assembled at Rish’s place and people of Jamshedpur left for the destination. We supposed to take Ranch , Purulia, Govindpur and Asansol route but due some change in the last minutes we decided to take Ranchi-Purulia-Asansol route. Our decision was actually hectic because the route we choosen took about one to two hours more as we planned. We took our first halt at Ranchi for our lunch. All the Bullet riders were little bit tired because of the bad road. The distance between Ranch and Purulia was about 100 kms. We left for Malda in evening about 4 Pm. The road from Ranchi to Durgapur and till Darjeeling was remarkable and all of us trying test our motorcycle at its max speed.. we reached Darjeeling around 7 in the evening,. We stopped in front of a restaurant to cool off engines our motorcycles. As some body told us to cool engine of Royal Enfiled bikes after covering such distance. Few of our friends were discussing that its not seems possible not reach our destination Malda on that day.
We all decided to start and assume that onward roads would be good as we all wanted to take bikes at Asansol. It was just reversed what we thought ,the road was very bad. We just covered 10 kms from our stop and observed that the road condition were becoming terrible. The troubles were however to come as we left for Rampur Hat, the only town before Malda where we could get accommodation to stay one of the biker came across minor setback as the central stand spring fall down some where on the way and stand started touching road and creating erratic sound. The speed of other bikers had also came down. We reached Rampur in the night around 11.All Riders were in fact tired as they came across terrible road condition.
Two of our bikers start searching some place to stay and finally they able to get a good hotel. Locating a good hotel in this area was really a hard job. All of us went to dinner check in the respective rooms. All were discussing about the problem they faced on the way and also making action plan for next day. We still had to travel large distance on our motorcycles as our final destination was still ahead
Next day morning we started from Rampur for Malda at 8.00 AM.. The condition of the road was really very bad. Due to flood in that area many part of the road were shattered. On the way one of our biker Rahul came across major problem of handle Tee broken. Due to handle Tee he was not able to ride his bike properly and facing trouble. All the bikers decided that after reaching Malda the first thing would be to repair Rahul’s motorcycle. On the way at one place we found that truck had broken down due to accident and road was partly blocked. However I manage to cross the road with the help of traffic police personnel those are monitoring the traffic.

Some where in between we had to drive our motorcycle on kachha road also as road was having big pits of 2 foot to 4 feet which was not feasible for normal motorcycling. After a long wait we finally reached Malda even though after facing all the problems. After reaching, Naryanpur. We got a good hotel to stay there. Every one of us had lunch and enjoyed the food. After having lunch, Rahul and Kamal went to get Rahul’ bike repaired and members refilled petrol tank as still we had to travel a huge distance till Siliguri. From Naryanpur onward road was very good and we treating our self lucky as we got excellent road for biking. We rode our bikes on express highway till Siliguri. Kamal and Rohit drove their bikes up to the speed of 95-105 kilometer per hour. They both challenged to Rahul to race with them. As they believed that Thunderbird was advanced to Bullet standard motorcycle. We all enjoyed our ride till Siliguri.

After reaching Siliguri we all decided to go to local dealer of Royal Enfield for check up of our bikes. We all went there The Royal Enfield dealer was a good man and he supported us with all necessary things required for our satisfaction. One of our biker came across a major setback as his piston of his bike had seized on the way due to over riding. Royal Enfield’ dealer mechanics were very trained and fast in work. Since numbers of bikers were more and job was time consuming, we decided to move around in the city so that by the time we returned bike will get ready. We moved around and could not find any thing interesting to see, we came back early then we thought. While we came back we found within a short span they rectified both of our bikes and also carried out routine checked up for other bikes. The road was very steep from Siliguri to Darjeeling. Our motorcycles were ready to move but now that time was 6.00 PM the bikers were discussing on what to do now? After 20 minutes of brain storming it was decided that we are moving for Darjeeling. All the bikers loaded their petrol tank as it was difficult to get fuel between Siliguri and Darjeeling. From Siliguri. Darjeeling was approximately 107 Kilometers. The ride of first 30 Kms was the finest ride of the whole trip as none of us came across any problem but we did not know that we are moving towards problems.

As soon as we traveled 35 kms minor rain started and to prevent them self from shower all the bikers dressed them with their rain coats and kept their riding through. Almost immediately we covered 2 Kms heavy rain started and it was difficult to drive the bike. We all were driving at a speed of 10-20 kilometer per hour. After covering next 1 kilometer we also faced deep mist beside rainfall but all bikers were well and sustained to drive their bikes. As all of us were from plain areas and we were having no idea of passing through the railway track of the legacy train of Darjeeling. Naveen who was leading us skidded on the track while passing through the track. Jagdish was with him as his pillion rider but fortunately none of them get injured. There after Rahul also skidded at the same track. We observed that track was in a zig zag way that is why bikers were skidding. We all took precaution at the time of crossing track and crossed the track safely except Vikram. He came across a major fall but being an old and knowledgeable motorcyclist he managed to rise above with no injury. Finally we reached our destination Darjeeling in the night, the time was around 2 AM. No one was on the road that times neither a human nor animal.  Before starting from Bhuvneshwer we got our hotel booked. We managed to locate the hotel in the dark night after roaming of 20 to 25 minutes

The receptionist of the hotel was surprised to see that we all had arrive in such violent environment all over from Jamshedpur  to Darjeeling on  Bullet motorcycles.

Next day when we wake up the morning time was around 10 am. All bikers were very tired. Rohit and Jagdish were still on the bed. Out side temperature was 2 degree and rain was still continued. Since hotel where we stayed was equipped with temperature control device that is why inside temperature of the room was comfortable. By 10.30 am all of bikers managed to get ready for onward journey. The weather was really chilled. All members had an abundant breakfast and now they were feeling healthier. All the bikers checked their motorcycles. Discussion on how they will manage to reach Darjeeling in rainy weather started. After 20 minutes of discussion it was decided that we will engage local tour operator and visit the most important seven points of Darjeeling. Jagdish and rohit started to find out some reliable tour operator in the area. Hotel persons helped us to provide a good travel operator. We did spend three days in Darjeeling and enjoyed food, café centre and sight seeing etc. We all spent some time in  a famous market centre of Darjeeling ‘Mall Road’, and bought handicrafts, clothes, leather good and small packs of famous “Darjeeling tea”  etc. In Darjeeling local residents used to had their dinner early in the night between 7 to 8 PM which was little bit difficult to adjust with two of the our bikers, Kamal and Jagdish. However due to good understanding between the members things were managed smoothly. Sudip and Manu entertained all the bikers.

We were planning to leave early in the morning next day as our previous experience was not good due to late departure. We decided to leave early at 8AM in the morning for Sikkim-Gantok

Next day we did start at 8.30 AM as against our plan of 8 AM. We started our motorcyles towards Gantok. The route between Darjeeling and Gantok was really good for bike cruising in the whole trip. Riding a bike between ridged and mountains were really out of this world. Whole biker gang was riding their bikes at the speed of around 45 to 50 kilometer per hour. Riding a Bullet motorcycle at the speed of 40/50 km/hr speed gave an immense riding pleasure. On the way there were up and downs as we were riding in hilly area. While we were coming down the bikes fitted with disk brakes were running with no difficulty but those bikes which were fitted with drum brakes, facing some trouble as in spite of 7” twin brake, braking efficiency was not so good in driving down. Since Jagdish was applying rear brake continuously resulting, rear brake system started giving burning smell. We took a short break in a small village called Lachung before Grantor. Since all the bikers were hungry we decided to have our lunch in Lachung. We found a reasonable Dhabi there and had lunch. The quality of food was more then our expectation. All members enjoyed the food. On the way we also found Teesta River. We travel few kilometers by the side of river which was the best part of the riding. Roads were very well maintained there. Thanks to local authorities for maintaining them under rough weather. We took an entire day to reach Sikkim.

We reached Sikkim border in the evening and got our self and our motorcycle registered. Official at check post were surprised to see all of us there when they came to know  that we had traveled on our bikes all the way from Bhubneswar as no one came till date from such faraway distances in the motorcycle. Official at check post welcome us warmly. After registration etc.over, we moved to Gantok which was around 50 km from check post. We reached Gantok in the night at 8 PM. On the way we again came across shower but it was not much as it was in Darjeeling.

Natula is a border of Indo-China. None of us had been to any border earlier. All of us were very excited. To enter Natula area we had to submit our personal details along with four thousand rupees as registration charges. Natula area was under control of Indian army and private vehicles were not allowed to enter in Natula area except registered vehicles. On the way we found famous “Baba Harbhajan Singh” temple and paid our respect to the great Indian solder of the army. We waited around one hour to enter the area as army people has not indicated green signal to proceed further. Finally we reached our destination for which we started. Weather was really chilled and temperature was -6 degree centigrade. The jackets wore by us were not sufficient to guard from the chilly wind. We all sang our national anthem Jan Gan Man…… at the closing stages of the border. The army officials felt very happy with such step. ‘Natula’ is such place that we never think that we will forget it.

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