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Jaycee Motors Corporation-a unit of Jaycee Group having an annual turnover of Rs. 370 crores has been an authorized dealer of Royal Enfield motorcycle since 1964 providing sales and after sales services. The journey for Jaycee started in the year 1952 with a vision seen by Mr. M. P. Aggarwal. They were appointed as Distributors of NBC Bearings for the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal & J& K . Then in 1953 they were appointed as Distributors for Hind Cycles for the states of Punjab & Haryana.

A apart of the business activities they have also been dealing in fertilizers since 1969 and are currently involved in various manufacturing activities having facilities at Amritsar, Faridabad and Bahadugarh. They are also manufacturing diesel generators under   AJ with Eicher engines catering to the demand of telecom and industrial sectors “To make up for loss of words please increase size of image and move text up accordingly.

Their Royal Enfield business has seen many ups and downs during the last 4 decades.  Initially the businesses , was looked after by Mr. M.P. Aggarwal along with his brothers and were appointed sub dealers of Madras Motorcycle Co. Ltd. Putting it in the words of Mr. Aggarwal “ I still remember the price of the 1st Bullet the dealer margin was Rs 100. At the time quotas were fixed for production and the order booking was supposed to be and the order booking was supposed to be done almost 8 months in advance. The only model available at that time was the Bullet 350 after which a Mini Bullet, Fury., Mofa were launched in succession.”

Mr. suresh Aggarwal started looking after the Royal Enfield Punjab business in the early nineties right after Punjab came out of the crisis. At that time it was again like starting from scratch due to difficult situations prevailing in the region. Not a single motorcycle had been sold for a span of about 10 years during the militancy problem. It took a lot of effort and time to restore the status of the bike since it had lost its fame during that tenure. Within no time Royal Enfield got popular with the rich farmers of the district and soon became the status symbol among the rich in the city.

The day to day activity of the Royal Enfield business is being looked after by Kanav Aggrawal now is the 3rd generation into this family business. He says “ I personally started looking after this business in the year 2005 but then went off to do my MBA from Cardiff UK in the year 2006 and came back in 2008 and rejoined the business. Personally to me Royal Enfield has a lot of sentiments attached to since it is the oldest business we are running as of date. Secondly the motorcycle itself is a legend in itself just for the simple fact that it is probably amongst the few motorcycle which has sustained all changing scenarios in the world since 1932 and this machine has been selling with almost the same technology since then.

Kanav further adds” I myself love the performance of the machine and the 1st bike I ever rose in my life was the machismo 350cc owned by one of my friends. Even though I could only take it a short distance as I could not balance the monster machine I promised myself I would own one someday.

He concludes-We have recently moved from our old showroom to a new one, which has roughly 3000sq ft of showroom area and 3000sq ft of workshop area. Today we are in a position to service 70 motorcycle a day easily.


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