Guru On November - 2 - 2011

My, Bullet Classic 500 trip does not fit the extra common leanness of the intersect group.  It has normally  in common with car like Toyota and Nissan. Some time on motorcycle also but not on Royal Enfield Model.  Undoubtedly it’s a powerful bike that is too Bullet Classic 500.  My friend Mike who is a Bike enthusiast and has done so many rides on his Bullet Classic  says “On the whole feeling is of a dazzling, sturdy and powerful bike, clear-cut  Trip Bike,” while Bullet Classic 500  fan remarks it “Make like a Gun.”  The style of the Bullet Classic reflects in several ways: The unique classic green color, in my view no other motorcycle is produce in unique green color.  Single rider seat with option of putting extra seat for pillion, option of fitting angular silencer, change the entire look of the bike.  Enfield classic is fitted with Electronics Fuel Injection to give better start ability and high fuel performance.  A Bullet Classic 500 rider remarks, “the ride is somewhat good, bike has a rock-hard attitude, well-designed styling, and sturdy and safe for long journey.  Ronny statement about the Royal Enfield Classic Price was little sneaky in its good wishes, remarking “its on road price is too high and not affordable to common rider.

Front and Rear wheel tyres of the Royal Enfield Classic also different from the normal bikes.  The tread pattern of tyres has own uniqueness and are best in their class, however, The speedometer, tool boxes and head Light are well built to match the styling of the bike.

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