Guru On November - 15 - 2011

Royal Enfield Motorcycle journey was started by us 3 days ago from Mumbai.  We had already crossed Ratnagiri. We are moving towards the village of Kale on our motorcycles after reaching Kale  moved back via one more Ghat Ganganbawda which was connected to National Highway and from there we suppose to reach place called Kankavli. The entire day was full of stained.  We all are completely wet despite of carrying Royal Enfield Rain Suit because on way suddenly heavy rain started and we could not get the time to take out our stuff from the bag and could wear.  Till the time we take out the rain suit out, we were completely wet.

We reached Kankavli in the night and spent night there.  We parked our Royal Enfield Motorcycles out side the hotel.  Next day morning  we could not start early due heavy shower, we all are waiting to reduce the rain , finally around 9 am rain speed reduced and  we started off all over again towards the National Highway on our Enfield Bullet.  Our next schedule halt was at Kudal we stook a halt for a reorganize and after that started toward Vengurla.  While going toward Vengurla on the way, one of our Bullet Enfield rider just prevent him self from an accident going to took place, a cow jumped out recklessly on the road in front of the Bullet Classic and he could mange to applying the breaks immediately. We moved further towards Sawantwadi. For going to Amboli Ghat, it was must to go via Sawantwadi. From Sawantwadi we go up the renowned Ghat Amboli which is  well-known for its distinctive various waterfalls, plants and roads. The fun of riding RoyalEnfield Motorcycle in these ghats was entirely different from, we are normally doing.  While climbing the ghat, each turn show the way to more beautiful scene.  Rain again started slowly, this time, we had started our journey in Royal Enfield Rain Suit remembering earlier incident.

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