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Crazy incidents on Royal Enfield
7th September 2008
Crazy incidents on Royal enfield is a new feature started by us on our blog.We will bring to you some crazy incidents that we come across while talking to people or that happened to us.We came to know about this incident from a social networking site while chatting with a Royal enfield rider.This is what he told us.
“One time I felt like spitting on my face! I started my bike , just like everyday morning to my office, onto my street , which is a dead end, which has always been an empty road, I was riding at not more than 10-15kmph, and the next moment i was mud in moustache, prostrating on the road. It took me two minutes to figure out what happened. i was mending with my mobile’s hands free simultaneously looking at the odometer calculating mileage, swerved towards a parked car, lost balance and fell. Luckily I dint hit the car, else don’t know what explanation I cud give to the owner!”
We will keep on bringing many more incidents to you. Keep reading our blog.

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