Guru On November - 12 - 2011

Enfield Bullet trip on National Highway 17 was planned to recommend the bikers of Royal Enfield Classic 350 a quick look of the peaceful atmosphere in the region of the famous National Highway 17 which  link Mumbai to Goa. The itinerary would show us on the way some defense occupy area, sea coastal area and mountain loaded with snow.  Passing through all the area on Enfield Bullet was really a exciting move. We had to travel from Mumbai to Goa via Karwar.  Initially trip was planned for 25th of January but latter on with the mutual agreement postponed to 26th of January, on our republic day.

Prior to Journey day, we all assembled in a hotel near the highway so that our Journey on Enfield Bullet starts on the schedule time. We all are going to spent night in the same hotel.  In the evening, we all assembled out side the hotel along with our Enfield Bullet so that all riders can be brief about the journey we are going to covered in next few days.  All riders check their Riding Gears, they are going to use during next day riding for safety purpose.  To govern the fleet of the motorcycle better, Rider number and motorcycle numbers were allotted to all the bikes.

On 26 th January all the riders got up early in the morning and had their breakfast and after the enlightening brief on safe riding tips and explaining the journey route once again, we all  lined up outside the hotel for Flag Off of the Enfield Bullet Journey. After conveying best wishes to all riders the Tour of National Highway 17 was flagged off by the honorable Member of Parliament and the riders moved towards their destination.  Nearly twenty Royal Enfield Motorcycles together on the road, compelling people to stay on their track and watch the motorcycles passing through the Mumbai and reaching on the highway.

The first halt of Enfield Bullet Trip was at Mahad where bikers had their breakfast before proceeding further on the National Highway. In the evening all Royal Enfield Motorcycles reached their destination of the day named karde beach where all riders checked in a hotel in front of the sea. A huge beach in front of the hotel attracts all the bikers and they picked up their Royal Enfield Motorcycle and came out on the beach.  Till night, time was spent by all of us in beach.

Next day our journey on Royal Enfield Motorcycles start with slight delay as the further itinerary up to some extent was easier and track was close to the sea shore.  Since we all had our break fast little bit late in the morning, we have decided to have lunch in Guhaghar.  After reaching Dapoli we choose an inner road which was corresponding to the shore to arrive at the Dabhol jetty.  We took a commuter boat to reach to Guhaghar.  We passed through the specter town of the former Enron scheme and drove down into Guhaghar for having delicious Gujarati food.  After spending some time on Guhaghar beach all Royal Enfield Motorcycle riders felt refreshed once again to travel further.  We choose Hedavi velneshwar coastal road to reach at the Rai Bhatgaon Bridge which is one of the remarkable construction in Konkan.  All members of Enfield Bullet trip parked their motorcycles collectively at one place to shoot a group photograph.  Some of us also took individual photographs on their Royal Enfield Classic 500 and Royal Enfield Classic 350. Our next destination was Ratnagiri and we rode towards the destination passing through some new picturesque locations.  Reached there in the evening, by that time sky become more gloomy and rain started with full pace. We parked all the motorcycles in the hotel under one shed.

Next day, All riders with their Enfield Bullet were ready to move back. Bikers were not feeling comfortable because of the high altitude of wetness.  Some of the riders were not feeling   well.  We put our entire luggage on the bike and started backward journey to Mumbai.

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