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All Royal Enfield Motorcycle riders know that the riding Royal enfield motorcycle is not just a matter of speed or performance or horsepower or acceleration or velocity or burning Ghat or fire or trolling motor sport in one form or another, whether sprint racing, or Track Racing, or Detruding or Rallies / Raid. Equally true is the fact that the Royal Enfield motorcycle need not be limited to cozily convenient clichés as inheritance, or history, or experience, or nature, or heavy slow revving calm Thumper / Tourer, or 60kph (Generic speed-not to be confused club riders under the banner of similar survey). We all love our motorcycles for what they are – and to all of us, it is more than the motorcycle, but that has never stopped us to recognize the areas in which we need to focus and to improve our steeds. I have yet to come across a Royal enfield motorcycleeer who at one time or another has not tried to give a personal touch to his Bull, whether to improve the electrical installation, or the seat or lighting, or change of use exhaust, or Souping up for more performance, or simply to change his costume resembles his liking. A Royal enfield motorcycle grew over time on his jumper, the leakage of oil, mood tantrums, rescue and all kicking to a level that soon he saw mirror and her Cavalier an extension of his soulOk, now that I have the opportunity to wax eloquent enough and wearing life daylights out of you, let me get to the meat of the matter! We all know how the reliability and accuracy of the speed is famous Royal enfield motorcycle (speedo at the same time, if the patent 120 + dance our needle are proudly just ours!), And there are so many requests to speed quickly enough because the among the motorcycle tour Community in general (not just fraternity Royal enfield motorcycle) a more reliable, accurate and acceptable standard is necessary to know the truth. That ‘s where the Bushnell radar Gun happens, available in the United States for $ 80-90 and very accurate, provided it is used appropriately This gun has been widely used in testing speed tuners and motorcyclers like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore and as such is the best solution available to us to measure the peak speed (measured in the line of rifle) and the improvements made while modifying your motorcycle. The Sigma Bicycle Computer has also been widely used, but it is very difficult to calibrate with precision and a little mistake is magnified when multiple speed computing. The other option, which gives a rider far more data (speed, acceleration, I like rolling quarter miles, rpm, etc.) is the Veypor, although install it on your bicycle is a very involved process with many leaders and pickups, and also very expensive, costs more than 15K. A close friend of mine, Aman (rides ball, and a CBZ motorcycle, CBZ, and a blown-up focused YAMAHA 5-speeder), a phenomenon of performance, and a gizmo bizarre start , imported this speed Gun It is also got the Veypor and a variety of Sigma ‘ s) and we were able to use the speed / improvement of a variety of bikes, livestock and modified obtain valuable data, and also to put to rest As many arguments if necessary shines light on allegations speed by manufacturers, automotive magazines, and individuals We have used this in a timely, motorcycles in Pune and Mumbai, while there is another rifle I know it has been widely used for the modification of 2 moves to the south in the city of Bangalore, thus to the way in Chennai and Coimbatore. In any case we had a lot of data on most Indian motorcycles, but not a lot of balls, so we got to talk resonates to a speed of the test session, primarily for Royal enfield motorcycles, with a few others thrown into motorcycle we wanted more data on some-namely The new oil injection cooled Pulsar 220 belonging to Thomas, and a couple of Pune 2-strokers that were changed by RDDreams in Bangalore-a port YAMAHA owned Raju and ” a focused YAMAHA 5-speed belonging to Pawan. After some frantic last-minute phone calls / planning / coordination for the Royal enfield motorcycles did Tinu on its 535, Rohit with his newly acquired 535, as well as its Thunderbird, Nauzar on its standard 350, on Tapan new Lean Burn AVL machismo 500, Raja with Pawan on his listening 535, and yours truly on its standard 500. It is nice to make Tapan despite a bad throat infection greatly appreciated, the source of most of our Royal enfield motorcycle riders that was the attraction that we wanted to see what could make this new motorcycle (stock) . Stephen was due to come to its stock 500 too but BPO hours took their toll and he sms “d me he had to withdraw at the last minute due to exhaustion sleep deprivation. Tinu ‘motorcycle unfortunately had a floating bush blew on the way, but still he came into his own roar some showing incredible speed on a variety of motorcycles, including mine. The tests began, in spite of some rather dreary weather and dry roads and the ever-present threat of rain (we were 50:50 of the rain before, but the collective enthu shown by all World soon put those thoughts to rest), and soon the air was Echoing the explosion, as the roar of the pipes to open the Bulls and the lamentations of the RD scream zoom past. Nav inhabited the speed gun at approx. The 750 meters digicam with his mark at the same time taking video of the motorcycle rushing past. Some were quite respectable speeds displayed by all motorcycles, with the Royal enfield motorcycles (and to an extent even the RD) accelerated sharply when they went beyond the weapon. The reason we stuck on the 750-meter mark was also that the extension (which we have done in the past) would jeopardize the runoff area and the braking point and the fact that we wanted to measure the speed of closer to a zero gradient What possible, and farther yet begun steep and too curved. In addition, all our previous data on other motorcycles were at this marker, and so we continued with this for the sake of standardization and comparability. On the whole a good day ‘test with all motorcyclists and motorcycles their best to draw the maximum, and after some time. The royal enfield motorcycles acquitted themselves very well, living up to Royal Enfield ‘original ‘ Built as a weapon, is a Royal enfield motorcycle! ‘A big thanks goes out to all my friends who participated, especially by dragging them escape the warm bed on Sunday morning! Hopefully, with some royal enfield motorcycles even more rapidly being developed in other parts of the country, we should soon be seeing a real true 160kmph (trademark magic 100 MPH!) Royal enfield motorcycle in India, and it’s just me, but it would be so much sweeter if it were an Indian made Royal enfield motorcycle with an Indian pilot, an Indian tuner, using as much as possible made parts of India, Indian manufacturing / labor, and on Indian roads!

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