Guru On August - 7 - 2007

My name is Pankaj and i am a electronic engineer.I am resident of  Chennai Tamilnadu. I’ve been an ardent follower of bikes. Let me start with the incident that inspired me to write on this web site.

One cold night i was enjoying a high speed ride on my Royal enfield Bullet motorcycle when the roar of a four stroke machine caught my attention. I knew for sure it was Thunderbird shiny red and with her chrome gleaming. I tried to catch thunderbird, hoping to see her closely and enjoying her music. But the guy on the thunderbird thought i was trying to race with him. as i got closer,he dropped one gear and acclerate the throttle and the front wheel of his bike got airborne.

Thunderbird no doubts is a great product of Royal Enfield with astonish pick up and fuel consumption. I am planning to buy Thunderbird and go on tour to Europe.

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