Guru On February - 1 - 2007

Rajasthan is the India`s most popular districts and the desert of this district is most enchanting tourist circuited.

This time we have  decided to explore the desert of Rajasthan on our b

Bullet motorcycles. I with my wife started the journey in the month of December because there is winter season here and its pleasent also. We complete our journey in seven days.

We started our journey from Ahmadabad. On the road we saw other cars, trucks and also camel carts loaded with spices, agricultural products and concrete mixture. Along the roadside we saw women selling chillies. On the way we passed through the district Mehsana. Mehansana is a affluent town and famous for resorts and water world, dudhsagar dairy complex, Jain temples and tobacco products. It is also a major centre of production of vegetables oils. We also tried the fresh milk and ice-cream at the outlet nearby dudhsagar.

After Mehansana our next  halt was Unjha it is known for its dargah and also an important pilgrimage. The next town on the way was Palanpur.

The journey from Ahmadabad to Palanpur have facilities like wayside restaurants, motels, fuel pumps all the way. The next big station was Barmer. After a tea halt here we continued and stopping at the Aakal Fossil Park just before Jaisalmer to see 180 million year old fossils.

It was evening when we reached Jaisalmer. The city of Jaisalmer is named for the prince Jaisal a Krishna Vanshi Rajput king, who founded the town on the natural defense of the Tricutta hills.

Jaisalmer’s artisans were among best sandstone carvers in India and their workmanship can be seen in the carving of the 12th to 16th century Jain temples and Hindu temples. The jali work of the windows and the exquisite balconies of the palaces was amazing. We took the guide for visiting temples and palaces. Guide showed us murals, mosaics and blue tiles in one of the royal palaces and explained the history of the courtyards used for assemblies, audiences and ‘jauhar’ (when Rajput women immolated themselves on a pyre rather then be touched by enemy hands on hearing that defeat was inevitable). There was a great view from the seven storyed Juna palace and an even better on from the canon guarded ramparts overlooking the town with its golden yellow houses.

After watching the beautiful havelies of jaisalmair we started our journey again and our next important station was Pokaran. In Pokhran there is a fort. The museum in this fort  has interesting collection of mediaeval weapons, palanquins, royal costumes, utensils and princely relics. The first nuclear test in India done in Pokhran. After Pokhran we started our bullets and our next hault for tea is Ramdeora an important place for pilgrimage. As we drove on the scrubby desert stretched on both sides of the road with dunes at places rising near the highway.  Gajner palace is a beautiful complex taken over and converted into hotel. The palace is beautiful with courtyards surrounded by lattice work and jorokha balconies. European country house type furniture including brass beds and carved tables and an omate fireplace.
From Gajner it took us 50 minutes to reach Bikaner. The famous fort of  Bikaner is Junagarh fort. This fort built by Raja Rai Singh in the late 16 century. It has impressive 986 metre long wall. After Bikaner we headed towards Jodhpur via Nagaur. In Jodhpur we drove up the hill to Mehrangarh Fort. In fort there was everything from weapons to cradles where babies were lulled  to sleep. But we were drawn by the Phul Mahal with its gold polished ceiling. The Umaid Bhawan, where Maharaja Gaj Singh reside currently, was built totally for pleasure from 1929 to 1943.
After sightseeing in Jodhpur we set off for Ahmedabad with a halt at Ranakpur.

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