Rohit Sharma 1 On January - 15 - 2006

 I can not forget the day when I and my wife decided to travel Himachal on our 1978 model  Royal  Enfield motorcycle. I traveled through the mountains ranges of Himachal on our Royal enfield Motorcycle. This trip covering 1540 kms. We started our journey  from  Pink city Jaipur, The capital of Rajasthan to Delhi-Chandigarh-Mandi-Bhunter-Manikaran-Kullu-Manali-Rohtang Pass-Kullu-Chandigarh-Delhi- Agra-Jaipur. The knowledge we gained about our own country was truly mind boggling and very refreshing.

Our first stop was at  Delhi. We spent night in Delhi and started in early morning at 5 O’ clock in the morning on our Royal Enfield Motorcycle. We reached Mandi in on same day evening around 5.30 PM. This city has over 80 temples.An  hour’s ride from this ancient, is Rewalsar, Which boasts of abeautiful lake with many tiny islands floating on it.

From Mandi we moved upstream along the river parvati. This river gradually gets powerful with every milestone. The road condition to Manikaran was not good. But our Royal Enfield Motorcycle took us to Manikaran without any problem. Manikaran has hot sulfur springs and the river flows through them.

Soon we reached kullu valley.The mountains and valleys are interlinked by long winding roads and high passes. Valley was full of color. The slops are covered with thick forest. Kullu Dushera festival is the major festival of valley and people of the valley celebrate this event very year in Dhalpur ground. In the evening we reached Manali and spent night there.Manali is a very popular hill station lying at the foot of the Rohtang pass and has numerous beautiful walkways.

After spending one day in Manali, we moved to Rohtang pass. Rohtang pass-the high bare mountains, coverd full of snow. We did not face any problem to travel from Manali to Rohtang pass on our 1978 model Royal Enfield Motorcycle. A short distance from the Rohtang pass is the lake of Dashair which along with the suraj Tal and the chandra Tal epitomizes the mystique of the region.

Afte rspending 3-4 hours we drove back to Manali to Chandigarh to Delhi and Delhi to Jaipur. This was a first experience of my life traveling 1540 Km on my Royal Enfield Motorcycle.

Rohit Sharma
Jaipur, Rajasthan

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