Guru On July - 17 - 2007

Five Royal Enfield motorcycles out for a quite Saturday journey all the way through the forest on the backside roads of a friendless isle? Looks like they have got the opportunity to give their kitted steeds a proper work out and this scene could have been that of a ride –out anywhere in the world. But wait are not these proper racing bikes with no lights and registration for the road . What in fire are they doing on these civic roads?

Come July a though and this sector would be gunning these same mega-machines through these very open roads on the isle of man as it plays crowd to the 100th year of the traveler award race. It takes a special class of man to race on a natural route with its own hazards and dangers and while the boundary between staying straight and being deserted in to the stun face or landscape is pretty thin at this time, it does make for the daring and the classic. Take a  Robin for approaching the limits of individual patience, talent and daring in the name of sports.

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