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On 29th January, 1971 four juvenile men from the Tata city decided to go on world tour on their Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle and effectively finished the exciting trip.  While came back from the trip they went to Royal Enfield plant at Chennai to celebrate the juncture. The name of these bikers are Mr  Manmohan Singh  Mr Subhash Sharma, Mr Sampuran Singh and  Mr Ashok Kher. They started their trip on two Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles with 100 dollars in their pouch.  They covered 1,60,000 kms on there motorcycles and cross 52 countries.  They manage money to continue their adventure trip from the people they met on the way their motorcycle trip.  These four bikers crossed mushy tracks, deserts, small torrent, and splendid valley on their Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles.  The bikers had gone through hoary icy winters and hot sweltering summers as they go across the continents on their motorcycles.  There were some places where they could not ride their motorcycle, they shipped their motorcycles on trucks and ferry. They started their trip from Jamshedpur and came  to Delhi and then Mumbai.  They reached up to Grand Canyon after crossing the Arabian Sea.

The Royal Enfield motorcycles were  fitted with customized rear to keep their luggage and also they also carried a tyre & tube set in spares.

Their heroic trip ended on the 11th of June, 1972  and reaching back to India they brought their motorcycles to the Royal Enfield manufacturing plant in Chennai. As a token of appreciation Royal Enfield replenished  their motorcycles and gave them back in new gleaming condition.

To smudge the 40th centenary of their heroic ride these bikers decided to visit the Royal Enfield plant.  Out of four only three could visit as one of them is no longer among us.  They met the Royal Enfield management and Staff at Chennai plant.  They noticed that new Classic 500 looks like the motorcycle they had completed their trip on.  These gentle men set a model of eventual voyage spirit by organizing a trip that time when navigation and map supports were not available as they are today.  It will not be wrong if we called their trip as World Odyssey.


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