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I started riding Royal enfield bullet 500 es back in the mid-1979. I was a law graduate, intended ahead a political career in New York. Therefore, I felt Royal enfield bullet 500 es was a useful motorcycle to travel from my residence to my office and the court. In addition to my daily use the occasionally I using my Royal enfield bullet 500 es to go around in the city with my friends, after all, I was trying to be a ‘happening’ guy, and my public class and schooling

Since those days (and since radical shifts in the direction of my vocation), I have used Royal enfield bullet 500 es less and less. Then, about a year ago, I got one of those buy-motorcycles-and-win-millions offers (no, I didn’t win), and one of the few motorcycles that held any interest to me in this particular list was Royal Enfield bullet Motorcycle. So, I thought, a few dollars, and I’ll get a motorcycle I like.

Royal enfield bullet 500 es is very different today than I remembered. For one thing, only one of the past many motorcycle models I’ve received has seemed something I would want arriving at my home — apparently, in order to stand out in the men’s motorcycle world,. Now, fair enough, this is appealing to men. The styling has to appeal to the prurient attention, riding that they play shortstop as well as play the field.

This is certainly not the motorcycle I memorize. I don’t retain information being titillated by Royal enfield bullet 500 es of the 80s, but Royal enfield bullet 500 es today is trying hard to compete with other motorcycles such as Honda. But I have found that I find very little of interest in riding Royal Enfield bullet Motorcycle., I have come to the decision that Royal enfield bullet 500 esis no longer a motorcycle for me this some thing more then a motorcycle.

And, I’m sure, Royal enfield bullet 500 es doesn’t expect it to be. While in many demographic respects I am exactly who they are it no longer fits my lifestyle, which has taken a different direction from in style culture. Royal enfield bullet 500 es has a strong customers, but alas, it is no longer the motorcycle for me.

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