Guru On November - 30 - 2011

I recently traveled on my new Royal Enfield Bullet Classic efi over 160 kilometers in one day.  I traveled form Alwar to Delhi, this was my return trip to home after working in Alwar for around last six months.  This was fairly a nice trip despite disturbance on the way due to heavy rain and at times I had to shift to the “Kaccha” road due to water clogging .The water level at some places was too high and i was afraid that water might enter the silencer .  I was riding at a very slow speed of 50 km per hour as the road was slippery. This journey on my Royal Enfield Bullet Classic efi  took a total of 4h 15min which included halt for break fast and fuel filling. Soon the roads dried and i put my Royal Enfield Bullet Classic efi to test.I hit the speed of 110km/hr. The bike continued to offer high comfort despite the high speed.

I was inspired to buy Royal Enfield Bullet Classic efi and covering the journey on it from Rak. He was from Indonesia and in last September, he came to India by riding his Royal Enfield 2010 motorcycle after covering a lot of countries. He has covered 18000 kilometers on his motorbike and would traveling back next month. His remarkable stories are displayed on, a blog exclusively for Royal Enfield motorcycle riders.

I also wanted to cover a few more trips after experiencing the Alwar-Delhi trip on my Royal Enfield Bullet Classic efi.

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