Guru On November - 14 - 2011

We are traveling from last two days on our Royal Enfield Classic 350.  Some of our bikers who traveled with us first time and had no habit of riding Royal Enfield Bullet on long drive are exhausted completely.  One of the biker had swelling in his left leg due to continue riding so we arranged one truck and load his Enfield Bullet in the truck to avoid any risk.  This time we are at Ratnagiri.  All of us wear our Riding Gears once again and left Ratnagiri in the afternoon.  Soon our Bullet Enfield Motorcycle reached the place called Hathkhamba, from here we reached immediately on National Highway. We just traveled 10 kilometer, Accelerator wire of one of the  Motorcycle broke down. Being a remote area, there was no possibility of Royal Enfield dealers nearby.  However one of our Royal Enfield Bullet rider was expert in replacing the throttle cable Assembly, since we are carrying Royal Enfield Spares with us we mange to replace the wire.  Again we started our journey and took a distraction once again and this time started in the opposite direction into the Ghats of Western area one of ghats which is more popular is named as Anuskura.  The black runway where we were riding our Royal Enfield Classic 350 was shining like a glossy meander as we moved up into the billows and the contiguous got further thrilling when we arrived at the peak greater than 500 meter above the sea level.  The smog and billows and drops of condense water in front of  our eyes  made the Bullet Enfield Motorcycle journey further unforgettable.

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