Guru On November - 5 - 2011

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Chrome was in front of me today.  The day, I was waiting from last few years finally arrived.  I waited this moment of my life from last 10 months and 7 days.  I make booking for Royal Enfield Classic 500 Chrome with Royal Enfield Dealers ten months and seven days ago.  Bullet Dealer promised me to deliver the Bike from 8 to 9 months from the day of booking. But due to production constraint at Royal Enfield Chennai, my Royal Enfield Classic 500 Chrome delivered to me one month after the agreed time.  To buy Enfield Bullet, I was saving my earnings from last few years.  Six friends of mine those are studying with me in same college, where I was studying also very keen to by New Royal Enfield for them selves but not able to decide Royal Enfield Bike model.  Earlier one of our friend suggested to buy used Royal Enfield as the price of Royal Enfield Classic 500 was too high.  Finally we decided to by a new Royal Enfield as some one told us to opt for Royal Enfield UCE.  The name UCE is actually stood for Unit Construction Engine and all new models of Royal Enfield Motorcycles are fitted with UCE engine.  In terms of performance UCE Engine is better than Royal Enfield traditional engine for pick up, reliability and fuel consumption.  I along with my friends planed a week end trip to Bangalore on our new Royal Enfield Classic 500 Chrome.

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