Guru On November - 3 - 2011

Royal Enfield classic 500, I bought from one of Royal Enfield dealer after waiting a lot.  Finally day has come to ride Royal enfield classic 500.I took the deliver of my Bullet Classic and take it to one of my friend who was making side cars for Royal Enfield Bikes.  I was thinking since the day of booking my motorcycle with Royal Enfield Dealer that I would ride my Bullet Classic fitted with side car.  I paid a good amount, but not that much, paid for Royal Enfield Classic 500 Price, in advance to my friend to fabricate a unique side car for my new bike.  I reached there.  My side car was ready; it took around one and half hour to, fit in to my brand new Royal Enfield Classic 500.Drive back to my campus, jump down from my Bike.

Next day, one kid who generally coming to my
place, suddenly come in front of my Bullet Classic, I applied the front break suddenly to stop the bike and   my friend
who was occupying the side car jumped out from the seat.  I move my hand and foot off from the Clutch lever and Brake lever and parked my Royal Enfield Classic 500 a side to note the Kilometer reading of Royal Enfield Bike I get out of the Bullet Classic .I used both of my hands to note down the reading  of the speedometer.  I
just turn around to get a piece of paper from my back pocket and
notice that Royal Enfield Classic 500 is rolling as I was standing on swill. Engine was still running as I forget to switch off the ignition switch.  Now Bike was around 5 feet away from me and moving towards a electricity poll.  The
Royal Enfield Classic 500 was on Tarmac Street, but to go up to that place I have to travel 5 feet distance.  So, bike gradually started moving backwards then speeds up.

I ran toward my bike and could not balanced my self near the  pole and fell down in front of  the Royal Enfield classic 500 side car hit me near the
second pole.  Some how, I managed to roll along with the Royal Enfield Classic 500 rolling.  I move
just near the pole with the movement of the Royal Enfield Classic 500.  I frankly think about end of my life.  My back was hard-pressed in the direction of my chest rib, which yield in. The Royal Enfield classic 500 was still on the move.  I scuttle after it to stop.  It   possible only if catch back portion of the side car, but
tough since while a human body is in state of shock, the human power go elsewhere.  When the Royal Enfield Classic 500 is moving, catching the side car from the back was not so easy.  Finally I manage to stop the Royal Enfield Classic 500.

Campus people took me to the nearest clinic.  Orthopedicion prescribe 4 x-rays for me along with some pain killer.  Nothing was wrong with ribs as per x-rays.  is broken, but
in the  night I could sleep due to body ache.

Beside this, the whole things are great here and I am still in love with my Royal Enfield Classic 500.

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