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The Royal En field Flying Flea was one of the most exciting of all , models owing to its heroic role in World War II. Having the origin of its design in a German built DKW, this motorcycle was officially called the RE and was powered by a 125 cc engine . This machine played a pivotal role in the war as its most dramatic use was by the Royal Air Force paratroopers. The motorcycle was placed in a special Royal Enfield designed steel tubular cage which had a parachute attached to the same . Dropped from an aircraft this bike would float down along with the paratroopers who then would then achieve great mobility over the rough terrain.

This was a motorcycle which could tackle tackle challenge  of war torn landscapes and also proved to be a great means of transport in civilian life as well. It was this versatility which prompted Royal En field to continue production of this motorcycle even after the end of the war in 1945 . The civilian version was equipped with some more creature comforts and painted in a utilitarian black color. With a top speed of about 45 MPH an a fuel efficiency of 100 MPG this soon became a very popular runabout. The subsequent variant which appeared in 1948 had the speed increased to 47 MPH. 1950 saw a major turn in this motorcycle as it got telescopic front forks, a large section Tyre, deeper fuel tank and a much needed color change from Black to a classy looking Silver Grey. The following year the motorcycle got a new frame and engine and was officially christened the RE

This motorcycle formed the base the development of the next model from Royal En field namely the Ensign which was launched in 1952 powered by a 148 cc engine.

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