Guru On August - 17 - 2008

Royal Enfield is being used for Farming
17th August 2008

Many of us know that Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycles are used in the army and police and even to deliver milk in India.
But did you know that Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycles were also used for farming.
The picture above shows a farmer Mansukh Jagani using a Bullet Motorcycle as a tractor. He uses his motorcycle to plow, sow and, weed his fields. Using Bullet’s costs him less running cost than even mini tractors. This machine was created in 1900s but it come to be know of now. Those companies who want to use this machine will have to license them.
His Bullet Santi (Bullet Plow) was patented by Grassroots Innovation Augmentation network in India as well as in U.S. This is a multipurpose vehicle as this can also be used as a motorcycle by detaching the farming equipments.

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