Guru On November - 26 - 2011

Royal Enfield Maintenance Tips – chapter 1

Bullet Royal Enfield is one of motorcycle which belongs to category of classic motorcycles.  My first session is on Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc.  After completing all my sessions you may be able to open, inspect faulty parts, and assemble your motorcycle your self.  In case of any assistance or doubt you may contact me at email ID given below.

There are two major features in new Royal Enfield Classic 500 which are different from earlier Royal Enfield 500cc in today

Session i will make you understand about salient features of your Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc engine, known as Unit Construction Engine as compare to old Royal Enfield 500cc.  In other words you will come to you what additional benefits you are going to get in your new motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc Engine is a high torque engine

Power delivery is more then old Royal Enfield 500cc

Fitted with Hydraulic tappets to prevent frequent adjustments

Auto Decompressor

Auto Chian Tensioner for primary chain also reduce the frequent adjustments

Better Lubrication due to high capacity trachoidal oil pump.

In next session I will let you about Electronic fuel injection.

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