Guru On November - 26 - 2011

Royal Enfield Maintenance Tips-chapter-2

Guys in this  session I will explain you about Electronic Fuel Injection System of Royal Enfield Classic 500.The major advantage of EFI are

It’s improved the acceleration and high speed cruising speed of your Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Provide your motorbike excellent cold starting ability and accurately controlled, air fuel mixture and ignition timing by the engine control unit.

Provide improved performance and fuel efficiency through fuel injection system to Royal Enfield motorcycle.

So guys you may now able to understand how new Royal Enfield Classic 500 is different from old Royal Enfield 500cc.

In next session, we will cover engine functioning of your Royal Enfield Motorcycle.  Before I start on Bullet Classic, I would like to brief you on functioning of IC engine or internal combustion Engine.  Our Bullet Classic engine is also working on the principle of internal combustion engine.

Basic Terminology of IC Engines

 The IC Engine converts Chemical energy available in fuel used in the motorcycle in to heat energy and then in to mechanical energy for motion.  Basically, engine of any motorcycle is functioning as power plant where power is generated to move the motorcycle.

Any engine is consisting of various parts, cylinder is one of the important part of motorcycle engine which produce power. Inside diameter of the cylinder known as Bore and moves up and down in the bore to produce power.

Top Dead Center known as TDC is the top most position in the cylinder bore of any motorcycle which piston can travel

Bottom Dead Centre known ad BDC is the bottom most position in cylinder bore of any motorcycle which piston can travel

Distance traveled by piston from top dead center to bottom dead centre or vice versa in Cylinder bore of any motorcycle known as stroke.

So guys, hope you are with me on understanding the Royal Enfield Classic 500 engine.  Some of the parameters we will discuss in next session.


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