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Royal Enfield Maintenance Tips-chapter-3

In this session I will learn you some more terms used in any motorcycle engine.

Displacement or cubic capacity of any motorbike engine is a volume generated by piston while traveling from top dead center to bottom dead center.  This volume is measured in cubic centimeter.  If we see mathematically it’s arrived at with the radius of the piston and stroke of the motorcycle engine.  It is also known as swept volume of the engine.

When piston move from bottom to top and at the top dead center there is space or volume is available which is known as clearance volume of a motorbike engine and also measurable in cubic centimeter.

Total Volume of any engine is sum of clearance volume and swept volume or displacement volume.

Compression ratio of any motorbike engine is a ratio between total volume and clearance volume available at the end of the compression stroke.  By the help of formula we can understand

Compression ratio = Total volume of air fuel mixture/Clearance volume

Volumetric Efficiency of any motorcycle engine is the ratio between the volumes of air fuel mixture that actually enter in to the cylinder and swept volume.  For more clarity

Volumetric Efficiency = Volume of air fuel mixture inhaled during suction stroke/Swept volume

Horse Power of a motorcycle engine also known as HP and can be measured in Pferdestarke which is German unit of Power.  Horse power of any motorbike engine reflects the capability of the engine to do a certain amount of work in particular time.

One Horse power is the power required for lifting a weight of 75 Kg through vertical distance of one meter in one second.

In next session, we will discuss few more terms of Royal Enfield Classic 500 engine.

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