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Royal Enfield Maintenance Tips-Chapter-6

Guys we have covered all major terms used in Royal Enfield Classic 500 .Now we will share the specification of the motorcycle engine to understand the engine in better way. Since we have already gone through engine terms it would be easier for you to understand these specifications better.

Royal Enfield classic 500 – Technical Specifications

Engine and Engine System

Enfield classic has single cylinder four stroke air cooled engine and bore size of cylinder is 84 mm and stroke size 90 mm .Displacement of piston in Enfield classic is 499 cc. Compressor ratio of the engine is 8.5:1.Royal Enfield classic 500 engine is delivering the max power of 27.2 HP at 5250 revolution per minute.  The maximum torque of the motorcycle is 41.3 Nm at 4500 revolution per minute.  Idling RPM of motorbike engine are 1050 ± 200 RPM. This Royal Enfield motorcycle can be start with starting kick or electric start motor.  Air filter used in Bullet classic is containing paper element.  Force lubrication wet sump system is used in motorbike for better lubrication of the engine with the oil tank capacity of 2.75 litres.  A special grade engine oil MOTUL 3000 4T Plus 15W50 API SL JASO MA is used in classic bikes for lubrication of engine moving parts.  Like other motorcycle, Bullet classic engine is also cooling down through natural air flow.


For better clutch function, wet multi plate clutch containing 7 friction plates and 6 steel plates are used in this motorbike.

In primary drive 3/8” Duplex chain & sprocket is used for smooth transmission of power from crankshaft to rear wheel.

Primary ratio is 2.15:1 for better and smooth transmission of power to motorcycle rear wheel

Five speed constant mesh gear box is used in Royal Enfield classic 500 for smooth transmission

Overall Ratio ratio

First gear-            3.063 : 1

Second gear-        2.013 : 1

Third gear-           1.522 : 1

Fourth gear-               1.212 : 1

Fifth gear-                     1:1

In secondary drive 5/8” chain with 102 link is used along with sprocket  and secondary ratio is 2.235: 1

In our next chapter we will talk about frame of Royal Enfield classic 500

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