Guru On November - 16 - 2011

We are planning to go on trip on our Royal Enfield Motorcycle. I owned old Royal Enfield Bullet which was originally purchased by my father at the age 30 years. Before going on trip we all wanted to check our Enfield Bullet for various parameters to avoid any break down on the way.

We checked both tyres of our Bullet Enfield, one of the most vital factors in Motorcycle. If tyres and tubes of the wheels are intact that reduces chances of puncher on the way in Royal Enfield Motorcycle. Sufficient tread on Tyres reduce the chances of Puncture. In one of the Enfield Bullet rear tyre tread was worn out approximately more than 70 percentages. So we decided to replace the tyre in one of the Motorcycle.

Another important factor we need to check was wheel balancing or rim balancing. If rim is properly balanced it reduces the chances of wheel wobbling in the Royal Enfield Motorcycle as well as breakage chances in  spokes  will get reduce, so we decided to get our wheel balanced in all of our Motorcycles  thorough Royal Enfield Dealers. We got wheel of our Motorcycles balanced in our presence at Royal Enfield workshop. While rim balancing was taking place, we notice that mechanic was keeping check on spoke projection so that spoke not projected inside the rim to avoid the puncture by spoke itself. After balancing, he put one rubber ribbon around the inside of the rim. Before assembling the wheel back in Motorcycle, he also inspected the condition of the wheel bearing.

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