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18th Nov 2010,

as the sun slowly descended over the horizon, the quiet surroundings of Va gator Hill Top was broken by the steady and loud thump of a lone Royal Enfield motorcycle . A well kitted rider on a motorcycle sporting Kerla State registration plates, he had travel- led nearly a 1000 km that day just to make sure he reached the largest biker festival in time . A few questions asked, pleasantries exchanged with the Royal Enfield crew at the site and off he was towards the nearby hotel to unpack and crash out for the day and prepare for the celebrations that would formally kick off the next day; the Royal Enfield Rider mania 2010. 19th Nov 2010; the bright pleasant morning saw scores of riders trickling in from all over the country as they rode into the venue and were guided to an exclusive parking lot where they parked their shiny contraptions of chrome and metal and after registrations walked into the event area . Complete strangers , exchanging just casual smiles at the registrations counter shared their individual ride stories as they walked into the venue and collected their Rider Mania goodies, stickers for the helmet/bike and bright red tee shirt for the event. A lot of them immediately changed into this new t-shirt to show their solidarity while some still proudly had their last year’s to shirts on. As the day proceeded , this parking lot became a notable collection of metal and chrome shining brightly in the brilliant sunlight. The riders walked inside and after the causal look around started off by gorging the food and beer. Yes what perhaps caught the attention of these riders was the beer offer, quite refreshing for the sunny afternoon . Some of them also relaxed around in the lounge area where motorcycling movies were screened for them and books magazines on Royal En field and general motorcycle were placed for their reading pleasure.

20th Nov 2010:

the 2nd day of Royal Enfield Rider Mania was much warmer in terms of weather as well as the response of the crowd.The proceedings of the day began with the Dirt track races for the 350 cc and the 500 cc Royal Enfield motorcycles.

21st Nov 2010. The last day of Royal Enfield Mania started off rather easy on Sunday.The host action packed races and musical nights of earlier days.



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