Guru On June - 1 - 2007

The Royal Enfield new bike Machismo 500 is a a newest offering and even though without any difference from its stable mates. The new AVL engine head, the 500 now puts out 23 bhp and a massive 4 kgm of torqe with the nice big three digit number on the speedo.

If someone like his bullets fast, this he will not leave disappointed. One can find the ideal cruising speed on a standard 350 bullet would be 70 kph, this one can sustain at least 20 clicks more with consummate ease.

This bullet is coupled with a five speed gearbox with a shifter that is on the correct side and this has also the legs for some serious long distance touring.

Performance of this bike is a pleasent surprise, the rest of the riding experience is what one would expect from an Enfield.

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