Guru On July - 3 - 2007

This is the story of my journey to the place name Sairopa. Very few people have known this place. During my stay in Chandigarh for one year I was so bored and no friend for socialize One day I was sitting alone and just surfing the channals on T.V, I saw a travel channal and got a idea to go somewhere for the adventures journey. Once one of my friends went to this place and told me about this so I decided to go there and started from Chandigarh on my Royal Enfield motorcycle and soon I was hitting the road all the way from Chandigarh to Sairopa via Naggar. To get to Sairopa to Naggar one have to take Manali highway this is highway no. 21. To get to Naggar I have to first reach Mandi. Mandi is called the gatway of Kullu valley. From there I rode along the Beas River till Naggar. It was so thrilling and tremendous experience to ride along the river in the hills.

Riding through Kullu I reached the Naggar, and decided to stay there for night because it was already evening and riding through Kullu one will ride across the Pandoh dam and one has to be extra careful here because there is sheer rock face on one side and river on the other.

The Naggar was the ancient capital of Kullu and it is the home to the Himalayan Museum of Folk and Tribal Art. Naggar is a beautiful little village and a heaven for bikers. Even one can stay one day at Naggar and pamper in fantastic half-day rides within and outside Naggar, as the spot is ideal, owing to the lack of tourist. Riding through the immaculate and untouched fauna of that place is an unconditional adventure. When anyone go there make sure to visit Jaloara. Though the road there are badly-maintained but when I was at the top of mountain I felt that the trip is worth all the troubles. After the Naggar I went towards Sairopa . From Siapora I enjoyed a good trek in the Great Himalayan National Park. Munched the homegrown apples, strawberries and plums as I walk along the park. This park is also the home to over 170 species of birds and animals.After this thrilling journey one thrill was left that is Jolori pass. This pass is 10,282 feet above the sea level. And one has to cross this pass to reach Chandigarh. From Jalori onwards the road was better and I cruise all the way back to Chandigarh.

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